Art Work

~Polaris Entrance Station~

Permanent Work 2013-2023 / Mt. Myouken Nose Kawanishi Hyogo Japan
This art work is made for "Nose Electric Railroad Company 100 Anniversary Project". Takahiro and Nose Electric Railroad Company will make a station called Polaris Entrance Station / Hokkyokusei Iriguchi Eki on Myouken Mount . This railway will connect Myouken Mount and Polaris like a galaxy railway. The origin of the word Myoken comes from Polaris or the Big Dipper. This work will be a permanent work.

Art Work

~Where did we come from and where are we going?~

Permanent Work 2018-Now / Hatsutani River (Mt.Myoken Hiking Hatsutanigawa Course)
This space was born for that people feel the history of this star and imagine of the future the murmur of a stream in the forest. You can sit on each art piece as a bench.
"Footprints" / Leave traces of "human existence" “Footprints”in this world where various things keep changing with the times.
"Egg and Tusk" / There is a history that various things were born, flourished and declined on the earth. "Egg" & ”Tusk"express the symbols of repeating “Life" & “Death".

Art Work

~IKIRO Museum~

6 August - 26 October 2014 9:30-17:30 Mon. close (Aug. 9:30-19:30 except Sunday, Holiday)
Fukuoka Art Museum,1-6 Ohori Park Chuo-ku Fukuoka , Japan
Takahiro performed and painted at Fukuoka Art Museum from 6 August to 7 September. There were some workshops and a talk show. The video work "The Water in the Desert / 2003 90min." was shown during the exhibition too.