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Miraijin - Future Being IKIRO / Takahiro Suzuki

Video work / 2 minutes / Soundless
©Takahiro Suzuki 2011

Febrary 2011 / Nishinomiya Hankyu Department Store,
in Nishinomiya Gardens, Hyogo, Japan

The title of this work is "Future Being IKIRO". Takahiro made them with Honda Plastic Art Company in Osaka. If you stand on the table and take hands of them, the table will turn around and lights will come on.


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Piece / Takahiro Suzuki & Yukihiro Taguchi

Video work / 2.5 minutes / Soundless
©Takahiro Suzuki & Yukihiro Taguchi 2008

October 2008 / " Piece" Der Kulturpalast Wedding, Brelin, Germany

Takahiro Suzuki and Yukihiro Taguchi presented their video work "Piece" in the Kulturpalast Wedding. Takahiro and Yukihiro filmed "Piece" at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin where they transformed themselves into the role of tourists. The video installation was made for the Kulturpalast and consists of thousands of shots, which were taken between 5 o'clock in the morning and half past 9 at night. The artists mixed the shots with historical photos, which consist of the different roles of the Brandenburg Gate at different times.

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A day / Takahiro Suzuki

Video work / 1 minute
©Takahiro Suzuki 2009

May 2012 Remake / March 2009 Original

This video consists of several photos Takahiro took throughout the world. We human beings live on the same planet, and we spend a day in many kinds of situations. Time is running every second. We are heading to somewhere day by day.


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N Performance / Takahiro Suzuki

Video work / 1 minute
©Takahiro Suzuki 2005

May 2005 / "N Performance" / Performers : Yoko IIda, Hiroko Nakamura / Choreographer : Takahiro Suzuki

This video was an experimental video made just before the video work "Exist℃”. In this video you see 2 performers and light by a projector on the wall. Yoko IIda is a contemporary dancer and choreographer. Takahiro has been making some performance works with her.

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Action / Takahiro Suzuki

Video work / 7 minutes
©Takahiro Suzuki 2000

January 2000 / "Action Take 1" Performer : Takahiro Suzuki / Music : SWAT
Bass : WataruYamaguchi, Guitar : Tatsuya Yamada, Drums: Takahiro Suzuki

This is a part of the video "Action". Takahiro likes action paintings. This video is an example to show how Takahiro painted with his body. Since 2002 Takahiro has been painting IKIRO on canvas. For IKIRO painting Takahiro uses both of the techniques of dripping and calligraphy.

© Takahiro Suzuki, all rights reserved