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IKIRO Project

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IKIRO Action Painting / Takahiro Suzuki & Mick O'Shea

Video of IKIRO Performance / 12 minutes
©Takahiro Suzuki 2008

September 2008 / "Art trail in Cork" (International Group Exhibition) Cork Ireland
Takahiro Suzuki (Installation & Performance) & Mick O'Shea (Sound)

Takahiro and Mick performed together at the opening of "Art Trail in Cork". Takahiro got 2 small microphones on his hands connected to Mick's desk to make manipulated sounds. Takahiro painted with peat moss on the big canvas in his installation. The title of the installation shaped like a big ship was named "IKIRO - Noah's Ark". The canvas Takahiro painted in front of people represents a sail.


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IKIRO with 100 children / Takahiro Suzuki

Video of IKIRO Performance / 8 minutes
©Takahiro Suzuki 2009

May 2009 / "ID" (International Group Exhibition) Gowzow Poland

Takahiro participated in an international group exhibition in Gorzow Wlkp in Poland. He did a workshop with 100 children, teachers and staff in the local elementary school, and held an event with them at a former orphanage in Gorzow.
Each balloon had colorful IKIRO signs and a one-word message written by each child. 100 balloons flew into the sky.

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IKIRO Village / Takahiro Suzuki

Video of IKIRO Village / 5 minutes
©Takahiro Suzuki 2010

April - October 2010 / "Nishinomiya Funasaka Biennale" Hyogo Japan

There was a project called IKIRO Village in Nishinomiya Funasaka Biennale. It ran for 6 months including preparation time. Takahiro got an idea to go back to the roots of creation. He called people to join the project. The members of IKIRO Village increased gradually and became a community. They planted seeds of many kinds of vegetables in the field. They also made plates and cups from local mud. At the end they made “IKIRO Village Café” and saved food with the plates and the cups they made, and the vegetables they grew. In the cafe people wrote sheets of IKIRO and hung them in the room.

© Takahiro Suzuki, all rights reserved